The True Difference Between Motorcycle Oil and Automotive Oil

To some people, changing the oil in your car is just like changing the oil in your motorcycle. Just drain out the old oil, install a new oil filter, and pour in the desired amount of new oil and your done. So when it comes time to change your motorcycle oil, why can’t you use the same oil that you use in your car? Motorcycle oil and automotive oil look and feel the same so how could there be a difference between the two?

Automotive oil looks pretty enticing at $3 a quart but any experienced motorcycle rider knows that using automotive oil in motorcycles causes serious damage. In automotive vehicles, the engine is always separate from the clutch and transmission so they have separate oils for each. In automotive engine oil, there is more of what is called “friction modifiers” to help lessen the amount of friction on engine components and improve fuel economy. Of course, improving fuel economy has always been the main goal of the automotive industry making friction modifiers a necessity for all automotive oils.

These friction modifiers that are added to automotive oils are what cause serious damages when used in motorcycles. The friction modifiers clog the clutch plates in a motorcycle’s transmission causing serious clutch slippage and disabling the motorcycle. You see, for motorcycles to be as compact as they are, they have to combine their engine and transmission into one casing. This means that everything is lubricated by only one type of oil including the valves, piston, transmission, and clutch.

Motorcycles require very little and/or no friction modifiers to help improve clutch friction and to prevent clutch slippage. But to make up for this lack of friction modifiers, motorcycle oils use higher levels of anti-wear additives such as ZDDP, also known as phosphorous, to limit engine friction and wear. Since motorcycle oil has extra anti-wear additives and is lubricating so much more than automotive oil, you can expect to pay anywhere from $9 to $15 a quart.

To some people, both oils look and feel the same but now you know the facts of each. So the next time that you decide to change your motorcycle oil, go straight to your local motorcycle dealer and buy only high quality motorcycle oil designed specifically for the type of motorcycle you own. Make sure that y

Basics of Motorcycle Saddlebags for Beginners

Toolbox, bike’s papers, some helpful spares, first aid kit, your machines, gadgets, and other small essentials – you can safely keep and carry all this stuff in your motorcycle saddlebag. The new small yet spacious models add to the convenience and the looks of your machine. You can fit these usually hard bags/cases next to one or on each side of your motorbike’s rear wheel, under the passenger seat. Fixing them on the carrier at the back of the passenger seat is also a good option. They may look simple, but picking saddlebags for your ‘street’ motorbike needs some research. Here are some helpful pointers for knowing more about the motorcycle saddlebags:

Fitting: Any saddlebag does not fit on any motorbike. You pick these bags depending on your machine’s type – cruiser, touring, sport touring, sport bike, dual-sports, and standard. You have more custom options if your machine is the likes of Harley Davidson (HD), Suzuki, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, Triumph, or Universal. So, buy the saddlebags according to the type and the maker of your motorcycle.

Material: Motorcycle saddlebags are mostly made of fiber (PVC), Nylon, leather, synthetic or imitation leather (Vinyl), and plastic. While nylon bags are the most durable, synthetic leather is the easiest to maintain and is the most popular. Except for nylon made saddlebags, the rest of the lots have hard surfaces.

Weather Resistant: The weather should not affect your saddlebag. It should be resistant to the environmental changes and your stuff should stay undamaged.

Locking System: A secure and built-in lock system helps ensure the safety of your belonging.

Buckle: Look for quick-release buckles for operating the bags easily.

Flexible Mounting: Try going for the bags flexible for mounting both as throw over and hard bolt. You can carry the throw over ones with you as backpacks. The bolted ones provide secure attachment to the bags and are therefore good for long road journeys.

Metal Frame: Synthetic or genuine, leather saddlebags lose shape with time. However, thanks to the metal frames, they help keep your leather bags from sagging, while adding to their durability. Stainless steel frames are preferable over brass or any other metal. Make sure the one you pick has this anti-sagging stainless steel metal framework in place.

Buying Point: Go for online deals when purchasing motorcycle saddlebags. Several freebies backed by competitive pricing fetch you the true value for money.

How To Find Motorcycles For Sale

If you are on the search for a new motorcycle, you likely have been wondering all of the different resources which may be open to you. The more resources that you are able to find and use, the better chance there is that you are going to find a good bargain. Some of the following options listed here are some tips on how you can find motorcycles for sale.

You may want to think about the options that you have most currently been using in your spare time to look for options. Think about if you have been focusing on a local level or if you have been expanding to other options. If you have only been using a specific method, you may find that it is time to expand your search in various ways.

When you are dealing with local options, think about how many you have been using. If you have only been looking at dealerships, this is commonly not enough to help you find a good deal. You should look in the classifieds, check out community bulletins, local newspapers, and many other options where people can advertise their cycles for sale.

If you have been looking on the internet, you should also consider what your options and resources have been. Expand yourself to searching on various websites and exploring different mediums to find out what other sales options may be. You might even be interested in checking out auction or classified websites to help you with your decision.

The main factor is that you don’t want to focus on only one specific resource. Instead, you want to be able to see all of the options that may be available to you while you are searching. This means searching both online and offline for possible deals and other factors that you may be interested in regarding sales of cycles in the area.

You might even want to consider purchasing a motorcycle that is outside of the area. This is another way that you can get a good deal outside of where you may usually be expecting it to be. In these situations you may have to pick up the cycle on your own or it may be able to be shipped to you for some additional price depending on what your agreement with the seller is.

Remember to be flexible in your goals and what your ideal prices will be. The more flexible you are the more likely you will be to find an option that may work well for you during your search. The more open you are to various alternatives and other ideas, the more likely you are to find some unexpected options that may be able to help you get a good price.

In general, it’s very easy to find motorcycles for sale if you know where to look. You should not have any problem finding the ideal motorcycle that you have been dreaming of owning all of this time. As long as you are patient and look in all of the right areas, you should be able to find the motorcycle that you want for a more than reasonable price.

Taking A Look At Used Motorcycles For Sale

need to consider. First, it is a good idea to see the motorcycle, and find out as much about its history as you can. It is also important to make sure that you are buying one that has everything you need. When looking at used motorcycles for sale, you may be able to make a more confident purchase if you do the proper research.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to visually inspect the bike. If you are not quite confident about your knowledge of motorcycles, you can always ask a friend to come along. It may also be helpful to research the motorcycle, to see if there are any known issues with that particular make and model.

Contact the seller to set an appointment to see the bike, and ask that the bike not be warmed up upon arrival. You can tell a lot about the motorcycle, just by cold starting it. When you start the motorcycle you may want to pay attention to the way the starter and engine respond, and make sure that all of the lights, signals, and electrical work are in good working order.

When looking over the bike, try to take note of any deep scratches, dents or areas that may be bent or twisted. Loose bodywork may also be a sign that the bike has been wrecked or mishandled. Another thing to keep in mind is that replacing upholstery or wheels can be expensive; therefore, you may want to take a look at these areas as well.

Asking the seller about how the bike was primarily used would also be a good idea. If it was used mainly for off-road riding, that will give you an indication of additional areas that need to be investigated. For instance, one that is frequently used off-road may need to have its air filter changed more often. The more information you can get about the history of the motorcycle, the easier it will be for you to make an informed decision.

Almost every motorcycle comes with a manual that includes a manufactured recommended service schedule. It is important that you know if the motorcycle has been properly serviced. Ask the seller to provide any records or receipts related to the bike’s care.

A lot of sellers will advertise a price, but will accept an offer. Before making one; however, you may want to find out what else comes with the motorcycle. Manuals, tool kits, service schedules, and spare keys are important to have. Once you have come to a decision on a price, be sure to verify that all of the paperwork is valid before signing and paying for the motorcycle.

With so many used motorcycles for sale, it can be difficult to make a decision. If you are not confident about your knowledge of motorcycles, you can always ask the seller if he or she would mind if you have a trusted mechanic look at it for you. If you take the time to inspect the bikes that interest you, and consider the history and condition of each one, it should make the decision process a little easier.

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