Basics of Motorcycle Saddlebags for Beginners

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Toolbox, bike’s papers, some helpful spares, first aid kit, your machines, gadgets, and other small essentials – you can safely keep and carry all this stuff in your motorcycle saddlebag. The new small yet spacious models add to the convenience and the looks of your machine. You can fit these usually hard bags/cases next to one or on each side of your motorbike’s rear wheel, under the passenger seat. Fixing them on the carrier at the back of the passenger seat is also a good option. They may look simple, but picking saddlebags for your ‘street’ motorbike needs some research. Here are some helpful pointers for knowing more about the motorcycle saddlebags:

Fitting: Any saddlebag does not fit on any motorbike. You pick these bags depending on your machine’s type – cruiser, touring, sport touring, sport bike, dual-sports, and standard. You have more custom options if your machine is the likes of Harley Davidson (HD), Suzuki, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, Triumph, or Universal. So, buy the saddlebags according to the type and the maker of your motorcycle.

Material: Motorcycle saddlebags are mostly made of fiber (PVC), Nylon, leather, synthetic or imitation leather (Vinyl), and plastic. While nylon bags are the most durable, synthetic leather is the easiest to maintain and is the most popular. Except for nylon made saddlebags, the rest of the lots have hard surfaces.

Weather Resistant: The weather should not affect your saddlebag. It should be resistant to the environmental changes and your stuff should stay undamaged.

Locking System: A secure and built-in lock system helps ensure the safety of your belonging.

Buckle: Look for quick-release buckles for operating the bags easily.

Flexible Mounting: Try going for the bags flexible for mounting both as throw over and hard bolt. You can carry the throw over ones with you as backpacks. The bolted ones provide secure attachment to the bags and are therefore good for long road journeys.

Metal Frame: Synthetic or genuine, leather saddlebags lose shape with time. However, thanks to the metal frames, they help keep your leather bags from sagging, while adding to their durability. Stainless steel frames are preferable over brass or any other metal. Make sure the one you pick has this anti-sagging stainless steel metal framework in place.

Buying Point: Go for online deals when purchasing motorcycle saddlebags. Several freebies backed by competitive pricing fetch you the true value for money.

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